Neo Nude A-contour

Contour to sculpt, define, and enhance your natural beauty

NEO NUDE A-CONTOUR to sculpt and define the face. Enhance your natural feat... read more
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Neo Nude A-contour

Neo Nude A-contour

Contour to sculpt, define, and enhance your natural beauty

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Beautifying lip enhancer - Supreme care - Lasting comfort - Natural glow - Dewy result

NEO NUDE A-CONTOUR to sculpt and define the face. Enhance your natural features for a seductive next level "no makeup makeup" look.

Experience the NEO NUDE range for skin, cheeks and lips. Invisible, mistake-proof, sensorial – it delivers everything a woman needs to feel confident and to embody the signature Armani glow.

To empower and enhance individual beauty come three products to complete the NEO NUDE range. Each water-based product instantly fuses with the skin, comforting and hydrating whilst simultaneously adding radiance. Naked feel, nude perfection – your “no make-up make-up” finish lies entirely within your own hands.

So light, the products promise to blend seamlessly with one another. The new pointed applicator of all three collects precisely the right dose of formula to accentuate your most natural beauty.

A-CONTOUR: Two cool browns sculpt and define your natural beauty, melting on contact with the contours of the face, seducing impeccable cheekbones into the limelight.

A-BLUSH: Five shades from light pink, through brightening orange, to dark pink, deliver a weightless, healthy cheek glow. A wash of color gives skin a healthy flush, so natural it looks like you – but better.

A-HIGHLIGHT: Amplify your freshest glow with light pink or pale champagne. A second skin feel that dresses skin in a glowing veil.

Three liquid textures that leave an ultra-fine film of colour on the skin. They melt, they blend, they build: together they empower your ultimate NEO NUDE glow.

It’s you – but better. It’s your Armani nude.

“For an ultra-natural Armani glow, prepare your skin with Prima Glow-on Moisturizing Balm. Apply then the illuminating concealer High Precision Retouch, followed by Neo Nude Fusion Powder to perfect your skin. Add a touch of A-highlight where your complexion needs to be brightened up.” Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Make-Up Artist


Show the Neo Nude experience hook to introduce Neo Nude (Invisible makeup / Visible perfection).

Use the complexion stickers to show the texture & choose the right color.

Identify the expected makeup result & apply.

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