The Liquid Lipstick

Calling all longwear lip color lovers! Your adventures in AM-to-PM velvet lip lacquer start here. Now a mainstay in the beauty world, full coverage liquid lipstick is more than Instagram-worthy makeup. The best liquid lipstick formulas just make sense. They offer the pigment of a lipstick combined with the glide and sheen of a gloss, plus stay put the longest on lips—second only to lip stain. Lip makeup’s equivalent to nails’ one-coat wonders, the best liquid lipstick formulas deliver intense, opaque pigment with one swipe.

Here, we dive into why velvet lip lacquer has become such a beauty industry game-changer, plus showcase Armani’s best liquid lipstick collection. Explore our must-try full coverage liquid lipstick formulas and signature, ultra-desirable textures—like our best matte liquid lipstick options and liquid lipstick with high-watt shine. For the makeup minimalist, see our roundup of best nude lipstick shades, and for the woman who appreciates a classic scarlet pout, read on to discover our best red liquid lipstick edit.

Bonus: There’s no denying that even the liquid lipstick formulas can leave lips parched due to their all-day hold, so we’ve included helpful liquid lipstick for dry lips tips to keep lips hydrated and smiling—plus reveal why wearing liquid lipstick with lip liner is the secret to a flawless look.

Liquid Lipstick 101 | What Is Liquid Lipstick?

Velvet lip lacquer looks like a gloss in its packaging, but has the staying power of a stain, and the pigment and comfort of a traditional stick. Most of the formulas on the market offer a matte finish—not the drying, chalk-like matte of the past. The best long lasting liquid lipstick formulas are lightweight and don’t flake off throughout the day. Below, uncover the winning factors of Armani’s best full coverage liquid lipstick options.

Liquid Lipstick 101 | Armani’s Best Matte Liquid Lipstick Formula:

What is the liquid lipstick by Armani that delivers unbelievable powedered texture? Meet Lip Magnet and Lip Maestro, our best matte liquid lipstick formulas that each promise 8 hours of color for best long lasting liquid lipstick results. Lip Magnet slides onto lips with an unparalleled sensation of weightlessness—think a second-skin effect— while Lip Maestro is a unique velvet lip lacquer with a comfortable texture and a radiant finish. Lips instantly appear plumped and radiant.

Liquid Lipstick 101 | Armani’s Best Liquid Lipstick Formula With A Glossy Finish:

What is the best long lasting liquid lipstick by Armani that delivers glassy shine? Get your hands on Ecstasy Lacquer, our liquid lipstick formula with an ultra-desirable amount of radiance. This impressive formula leaves behind a candy apple-like coating—minus the stick.

Liquid Lipstick 101 | Armani’s Best Nude Liquid Lipstick:

If you’re searching for a velvet lip lacquer that goes with everything and still makes you feel like you’re enhancing your beauty look without garnering too much attention, our best nude lipstick edit is perfect for you. Here, we’ve arranged our best nude lipstick picks by skin tone to help you nail your most flattering shade—because when it comes to your own complexion’s best nude liquid lipstick match, it’s not a one-shade-fits-all situation.


  • For Fair Skin, Try:


  • For Medium Skin, Try:


  • For Darker Skin, Try:


Liquid Lipstick 101 | Armani’s Best Red Liquid Lipstick:

Yearning for a classic, cherry-red velvet lip lacquer? Armani’s full coverage liquid lipstick formulas have you covered! For a true crimson, reach for these best red liquid lipstick shades: Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick in #407 Drama Red, Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick in #302 Hollywood, and Ecstasy Lacquer in #402 Red to Go.

Liquid Lipstick 101 | Armani’s Liquid Lipstick For Dry Lips Tips:

What is the liquid lipstick? Armani has worked hard for its liquid lipstick formulas to have a bare-lips sensation. They’re formulated to never feel crusty or flaky— even after hours of wear—making them each must-try liquid lipstick for dry lips.

But naturally, lips can become dehydrated throughout the day, especially during cooler weather. For dry-prone lips, we recommend prepping lips with a bit of lip balm to keep them moist. Allow your balm to sink into lips for a couple of minutes before applying velvet lip lacquer over top.

Liquid Lipstick 101 | Armani’s Liquid Lipstick With Lip Liner Tips:

A lip liner can help your velvet lip lacquer game in many of ways. You can use a matching liner to reshape your lips before applying your liquid lipstick—make them appear fuller or even create the perfect Cupid’s bow. Opting for a liquid lipstick with lip liner combo also creates a solid and complete foundation for your liquid lipstick to adhere to without settling into your lips’ natural crevices. Color the inside of your lips—especially focusing on targeting as far back as possible to help keep coverage on your inner lip—before swiping on your velvet lip lacquer.

Liquid Lipstick

What is the best liquid lipstick? Best full coverage liquid lipstick? Gorgeous velvet lip lacquer = our best liquid lipstick. Discover Armani’s best matte liquid lipstick—from best red liquid lipstick to best nude liquid lipstick. Learn the power of liquid lipstick with lip liner, plus liquid lipstick for dry lips tricks. Uncover our best liquid lipstick!

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